Created to promote, protect and preserve airgunning and airgun competitions in Texas. is a website dedicated to the airgun sports, featuring news, reports, match coverage and more, all for airgun events and competitions in Texas. The public pages contain match schedules, announcements, club news and announcements and highlights from our members e-zine, The Split. The e-store contains membership plans, TFT gear, online match registrations for Texas airgun clubs and select items from Texas vendors.


Members of are invited to the private forums and trading post, private and ad-free. TFT also hosts its own matches and tournaments for its members ranging from benchrest to 100 fpe Field Target and featuring The TFT Invitational and TFT Texas Pro-Am. Members also receive customized TFT apparel and gear and are entered into all TFT contests. Multi-year and lifetime members also receive additional benefits, such as discounted or complimentary club match fees, vendor discounts, included subscriptions to Texas Airgun Quarterly and premium customized apparel and gear.


Memberships to, digital media patrons and advertisers in our premier print magazine, Texas Airgun Quarterly, all provide direct 360 degree to support and promote Texas airgunning and its community. Our contributions include financial support, prize and awards contributions and making charitable donations on behalf of Texas airgunners, as examples. Additionally, TFT’s shares its dedicated web hosting and digital services with Texas airgun clubs, enabling statewide online match registrations, state-wide calendars for scheduling and a central place for MD’s to post rulesets and info regarding events and their respective clubs. Other boots-on-the-ground services include courtesy shade tents at events, photography and much more.


Our commitment to airgun competitions includes the purchase of 20 of among the finest <125 FPE Field Targets available for our own Long Range and AAFTA Field Target competitions in Texas. TFT Invitational Tournaments, Charity Shoots, Airgun Expo Events and an annual TFT Members Cup Match are all lined up for members. TFT also supports all airgun competitions, despite the FT in our name. Styles such as 50 and 100 yd benchrest, Silhouette and others are equally promoted, sponsored, represented and encouraged, if its airgun, we got it’s six. TFT’s contributions to clubs have enabled 50 and 100yd Benchrest competitions to be held in Texas and have allocated resources for silhouette target construction.

SUPPORTING AIRGUNNERS PRIVACY was founded on the principle that people are not the products. Members areas contain no banner ads, pop-ups or affiliate marketing, adding another insulating layer from varying industry influences. The paid membership model was chosen after careful considerations to protect the privacy, speech and posted content of its members. We started with our own dedicated IP address and hosting, complete with local off-site backups. The US based servers run with 99.9% uptime with dedicated cloud resources, helping keep and other airgun websites free from blacklisting and host throttling. Hosted alongside TFT are Texas airgun clubs and businesses, just part of the commitment we made in the very beginning to provide the Texas airgun community their own claim in the digital world. Although TFT’s members areas are without banner ads, pop-up ads or marketing, our industry partners are invited to sponsor TFT on our public pages and to join other forms of promotions and marketing with and Texas Airgun Quarterly and continue to strengthen relationships with our members.’s Members’ Forum and Trading Post is also without out AI moderators, AI generated content, or paid traffic influencers. Real people. There is no collection and use of your your data, no ad trackers or hidden third party services. And at no time does claim any ownership or rights to a member’s posted content: your words are your own. To summarize, you are not the product. You are not a number.

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