TFT Memberships levels:


The Marksman – 1 year  |  The Sharpshooter – 5 yrs  |  The Sniper – Lifetime 

PAID membership may shy away some people from joining, somthing we understand and expected. We designed tft membership to be an ad-free and private digital experience combined with exclusive real world benefits, like members tournaments and matches, fundraising and charity shoots and more. and for more styles of airgun competitions, TFT’ s members will also have benchrest tournamnets this year and is building silhouette target stands for even more airgun competitions.  |   Deep in the Heart of Airguns. 


All Memberships include the following:

Access to the Members’ Forums and Trading Post

The Split, a TFT e-zine with video , reviews, instructional articles and more.

Members only tournaments and matches

Discounted entry fees for selected open matches and tournaments

Entry to TFT member exclusive Contests, Promotions and Giveaways


all For about the cost of a tin of pellets for a year…