Between Chuck Jones, Convoy and Hunter S. Thompson I figured I was somewhat culturally prepared for whatever I found while travelling through the desert. But what actually prepared me was the complete antithesis of the southwest, the New Jersey Turnpike. Whatever mental tricks and games we played on ourselves to endure the most punishing plat of asphalt and concrete known to man is exactly what got me through the Field Target Cannonball Run across the i10 marathon of three states, two time zones, seventeen hours, two game wardens and a pure-bred Guernsey cow. Thank you Tom Leher. To the masochist designed I-10, you didn’t win. But sleep well you disturbed individual, knowing your creation can bring a man’s psyche to the verge of sheer anguish and desolation. Little did you know the contrasting value of gasoline across states would accentuate the punishments, as does the gastronomical challenges. Or maybe you did, you sick human. Either way, I’m back in Texas and defeated your gauntlet of dust and rock, with targets and unscathed.

     I did shoot a match on Tuesday morning with great people and made new friends. I shot a 31/48 with a 20 fpe pistol in what some call parking lot Field Target. I will say this, once you look through your scope, the shot picture doesn’t matter much, park or parking lot. In fact it was quite challenging with more light being reflected back from behind the targets and very little to gauge wind. After a few shots the open layout did not phase me in the slightest. What did phase me was the hand painted snakeskin stock on a Thomas. And Tony’s handwriting. And the overall passion for airgunning and Field Target I saw. But the jury is still out on that burger being better beef than Texas’ beef. Felt like Texas for quick minuet, Dr. Pepper and all.

     Camping this time was thankfully uneventful and proved to be quite the serene stay with cooler temps and a steady breeze in the evening. At the advice of my better half I stayed another night which was was even more restful after an enormous plate of biscuits and gravy from a local homestyle restaurant. No way was I heading back to Texas with that much culinary mortar mix in the belly. Breaking camp the next morning was expedited with the zeal of loading up the new targets and heading back home to the Republic. After the awe and shock of seeing them loaded and secured wore off, I was ready to pull a Jerry Reed going east bound and down, loaded up and truckin’, A-we gonna do what they say can’t be done…and watch ol’ Sqrl run. Made a stop on the way back for a souvenir and even saved about 51 cents. 

      Sunrise in Texas Hill country was preceded by the humidity. A wall of mildew loving, insect encouraging oppressive vapor had blanketed the area in my absence. No amount of preparedness or anticipation could soften the drastic contrast of environments that set in as I-10 shifted toward Santone’s direction. But the targets were almost home and nothing could stop their homecoming. A mere couple of hours more and I arrived at the Boerne Shooting Club and took pause to reflect on the moment while trying to quell the excitement of shooting Texas Field Target from exactly where I was standing. Not only was airgunning in Texas about to break loose, but the oldest operating shooting club in the USA was opening the 100 yard range for airgun competitions, the first time the original range has been used for matches in over 50 years. Quite the hat tip to airguns as they may save a part of shooting history.

Huge shout out to S&S Targets for engineering what I consider the highest quality targets made, and after shooting I think you’ll agree.

Made here in the USA and Veteran owned/operated, S&S Targets hand cuts springs for each target, uses a shoulder bolt design for smooth operation and is entirely water-jet cut for precision. Combined with the AR steel paddles and reducers nearly 1/4″ thick, they are also built to last. With a modular design, maintenance is simplified for Match Directors with the ability to easily swap parts. The tuning mechanism has been relocated and enhanced for easy access and simple adjustments meaning more time hot than cold.  Stay tuned for the video!  

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