Ladies and Gentleman, Texas Field Target’s matches have now been finalized and we are proud to announce the newest schedule of airgun matches at the USA’s oldest operating shooting club, the Boerne Shooting Club in Boerne, TX. We will host a total four (4) airgun field target matches per month, two on the 2nd Saturday and 2 on the 3rd Saturday. The Boerne Field Target Club is adding an additional match to the 2nd Saturday of the month for <20 FPE Field Target and Texas Field Target will hold a match on both the 2nd and 3rd Saturday of the month. Evening/night matches are scheduled as we may shoot until 10pm.

In summary, we will have a total of two Texas Field Target (<125yd) matches per month and two <55yd AAFTA-styled matches per month.

The following Sundays are also reserved for expo events, overflow matches, members only tournaments and more disciplines. Stay tuned!

2nd Saturday of Each month:

Texas Field Target – 9:00 AM Texas Field Target (125yd) | TFT Members Only 100yd Range | 6:00PM <20 FPE and AAFTA Style – Boerne Field Target Club

3rd Saturday of Each Month:

Boerne Field Target Club – 9:00 AM <20 FPE and AAFTA Style) | BFTC 50yd Range Time until 2pm | 6:00 PM Texas Field Target (125yd)

Rule sets and details will precede each match.

General info:

Location: 33 Shooting Club Rd, Boerne, TX 78006

All shooters must sign in upon arrival and have all paper work completed prior to shooting.

Airgun projectiles at the Boerne Shooting Club are to be pellet only, lead composition and commercially available. No cast pellets or slugs. Energy levels may vary course layout and range used but maximum airgun allowance is 100 FPE. Match rules may be lower. A chronograph will be available at each match.

May God bless Texas and all things airgun.

See you on the lanes!