Saturday July 1st

TEXtreme Bench-Rest and Silhouette Match!

I have shot this and it is FUN! Not only is the venue a great relaxed place to shoot but Ron’s TEXtreme Bench-Rest and Silhouette is an awesome discipline for airguns. Not to mention you can shoot slugs! Best part is seeing the Maggy! and watch out for the wind.

Contact for more information.


Good luck and Happy Shootin’!



Bench Rest Silhoutte is at different location than the TEXtreme Field Target matches and held at the address below. Please refer to the map for more details.

Gates Open at 1pm

384 Range Road

China Spring, TX 76633

Long-Range Airgun Bench-Rest Silhouette matches will be held on the first
Saturday of January, April, July and October 2023 at the Central Texas Rifle
And Pistol club. Matches start immediately after the shooters meetings at 2
PM during Daylight Saving Time, and noon during Central Standard Time.
The gate opens for practice an hour before shooters meeting times.
There are 3 classes- 80 Foot-Pounds (maximum) Pellets, 35 FP (maximum)
Pellets, and 80 Foot-Pounds (maximum) Slugs. Maximum caliber allowed is
.30, all-lead projectiles only. No tethering allowed. Scopes must be set no
higher than 16x magnification, and if the the scope doesn’t have a 16X
marking it must be set to the next lower factory marking.
Shooting is from concrete shooting benches. Wind flags, spotting scopes,
spotters, and coaching are allowed. A sandbag or bipod is allowed under the
fore-end or front rail. Only shooter’s off hand is allowed under the rifle butt.
Targets are 1/10 scale airgun-silhouette swingers. Matches are forty shots, ten shots each at 60 yard chickens, 75 yard pigs, 90 yard turkeys, and 100
yard rams. Steel back-stops behind the silhouettes show your misses.
At the “fire” command, shooters have 10 minutes for unlimited sighting
shots at the backstop, AND THEN ten shots at the animal target for record.
Match Winner hat-pins are awarded when at least 5 shooters contest a
match. Match Winner hat-pins are also awarded to class winners of at least 4
shooters in a class. Ten-in-a-row hat-pins are awarded in all classes.
Entry fees are $15 per gun or class, or $40 total if contesting all three
classes. Shooters may contest any or all classes.
This is a very fun and challenging airgun competition. The venue has a welldeserved reputation for challenging winds.
Gun-handling safety and all rules are strictly enforced at all times.