Saturday was the official “soft launch’ of TFT’s Members’  shooting at The Boerne Shooting Club. We welcomed six TFT members and welcomed our first lergacy member, Jake T.!  Jake was introducted to FT by his father David T..  Jake’s focus while shooting was pretty intense for his age, and despite navigating the trials of trying to sight in a new rifle scope with windy conditions, he’ stayed on it and I think he’s hooked. Heard he got the scope set later on and was practicing all night at home! Thats just awesome to hear. Overcome the hurdle and press on. Given as comfortable as he looked with the Ghost in his hands I would say he’s going to be a contender before we realize it.

We all certainly enjoyed the shade under the covered shooting line while we shot a total of 12 targets from 27 to 107 yards ( 3/8-3″ KZ) with straw bales and paper near some for practice. As this was a members range day, some were on benches, some in FT position. We saw an array of airguns too! An original Ripley .20 cal, .30 Delta Wolf, Redwolves, FX, RAW and a 65fpe Marauder.

Tenacious Airguns’ Derrick “The Wall” could not make it but his airguns sure did! A Brocock pistol for TexTreme Pistol, a Cricket 2 Tac in .177  and a brand new .22 HP Ghost all came out too to strectch to 107yds.  .177? yep, these targets will fall with as little as 7 fpe and they did! The 97yd bear w 2.5″ kz went down 3x with a .177! Thats ALL Tenacious’ tuning, I just squeezed the dang trigger.

These S&S Targets also just work and reset so easily it was fine to use a winder from the affta targets. One spool of rope I purchaced was on a larger diameter spool and therefore contained a signignifagtly less rope than the others. So I was forced last min to use an winder from BFTC’s matches, but its didn’t phase these targets in the least. In fact, with a simple trilene knot, no hardware was needed to attach the rope! This was also a test of mounting options and the like. The suggested mounting was spot on. Only one failure to reset towards the end, which was due to the elevated base having shifted. At 107 yds, the target has to be up about 18″ to see it. but other bases in the field worked perfectly.

Winds were not terrible but were there, shifitng direction a few times and even got a good gust now and then. Looking ahead I think some wind indicators will be added, especially when shooting near 100yds. Knowing hte winds on the 50yd range, we were pretty tame this time.

And we may have another crossover shooter too! Some ARA and ABRA shooters (BSC members)  showed up to spectate this alien sport  and one shot a pcp for the first time ever. The smile after one shot said it all.

We shot for nearly 6 hours yesterday, and I think overall it was a sucessful ‘dry-run’ opening range day!

Special thanks to Jim B. ( not the burbon) for the help setting up and apologies for opening the gate late!

As always a huge shout out to the following:

Tenacious Airguns Sales and Supply

SA Scuba Shack

S&S Custom Targets

JD’s Custom Designs

The Boerne Shootng Club

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