Texas Field Target August Members Match Report


Saturday morning was the first completed match for Texas Field Target! Originally set for July but called off for a heat related emergency, this match was an all out success. And by success, I’m speaking from an MD’s perspective, which means two main things, little to no problems and everyone had a good time. I can say honestly the only real problem we had was a few tall grass stems that needed to be cleared from a Lane 1 shot at the start of the match and leaving my cameras back at my desk. I’ll let the shooters speak for themselves. 

We had a total of 5 shooters come out to shoot the 72 shot match. This was my first time setting up a 25-125 yd course and so what I considered to be my “practical exam’. The Troyer scale made for long range was applied and came out to be a touch over 39. Now you may say that’s too high and start into a discussion, but not one shooter said the layout was too hard. The wind however, made it shoot closer to an estimated 45+. That still didn’t phase us! Jake T, our youngest and newest shooter hit the 125yd 3” kz  RusBear target a few times, and to see the look on his face afterwards makes MD’ing worth all the effort! 


The Boerne Shooting Club’s 100 yd range has some unique features and limits it to either 6 or 7 lanes maximum. This match was shot over 6 lanes, two targets each lane, three shots per target with the series being shot twice. The 100yd target line is an original covered structure from 1916, made of stone and stucco to prevent the target paddlers from being shot. The schutzenverein discipline was originally offhand with open sights, 200 yds but the club moved from the center of Boerne in 1916 to its current location and had to scale down the style.  Some older children and others would be behind the walls to turn a bright colored sight paddle back and forth after a shot to create a blinking effect so the shooter could see the POI. Safety anyone? 

 In more recent years, the club added a 25 yd pistol range past it and shares the berm. So some shots have a target in the ‘window’, some go through the window. The sunlight reflecting back from the pistol range through the window adds some visual challenge, but the wind tunnel effect is even more challenging. With a limited wooded area but many options, the one tree chosen proved to be perfect for a dark shot, the scorpion target sat heavily shaded and looked darker as the sun was facing the shooter. The shooting lines are 4 on the concrete bench area and two under a shade tent adjacent to the others, so very little exposure or travel between lanes and plenty of shade. The building attached to the shooting line is the original building built in 1916 and incorporated the hinged wall design to allow airflow as AC wasn’t really a thing then. These were opened up after nearly 50 yrs. and the shop fan never got plugged in! So much history at the club!


The sight-in started a touch late as I got behind a bit setting up. Airgunners are some very helpful folks and are quick to lend a hand so no problems there and we were right back on schedule. We had sight in targets at 25, 50 and 90 yds. They were kind of a test location, between lanes 3 and 4 and will be the sight in spot for good and will double as the wind indicator location. We had KZ’s from ¾” to 3” and placed from 25 yds to 125yds. The 125yd “RusBear” was dedicated to RusBear, who is an honorary member of TFT.


Shooting the targets a second time was a very different experience as the humidity dropped, temps rose and the winds were now antagonizing and dang near spiteful. Mirage was so bad on a 38yd shot I could hardly get my scope in focus. Coupled with the radiant heat off the cracked, dry earth, anything you learned from the first time through was quickly discarded and forgotten. This course was brutal, I expected to lose friends over it but somehow everyone loved it and that’s all that matters.


So…who won? Well, there was $200 cash in winnings, but not for the traditional 1st-2nd-3rd. We shot two classes, Reticle and Turret. (Holdover or clicking) 4 of 5 shot Reticle Class! Derrick “The Wall” won the high score Turret class prize of $50, as well as the overall most Near Shots and Most Far Shots, paying $20 each. As I did not stipulate a particular number of shooters needed per class to pay, shooting a class solo and winning is purely on the MD, but he was also high score overall so it was deserved. Always amazing to watch him shoot, just observing you can learn so much.  David T. won the High Score Reticle Class prize of $50. and the Hi/Low ( high score lowest caliber) prize of $20. Been warning you about David, he’s a sleeper sniper! Lastly, the most consistent shooter, which is calculated by target score in progression, shot to shot progression and lane score progression is not always in accord with the highest score, and this is a case in point. Before I announce it, let me explain what it is. I calculate the SD of each shooters shot by shot progression. I then “zoom out” a touch and calculate the SD of each shooters target score.Then I take one step further back and calculate the shooters lane score SD and compare all 3. This gives a very granular look into a shooter’s performance for the match. On a graph, it would mean the straightest looking line. Now it could be argued that the shooter could sandbag and make only one or two shots and walk away with the most consistent shooter prize, but I feel that the energy needed to fudge the numbers would be far greater than 20 dollars worth and would be quite apparent. The numbers showed Derrick was the most consistent shot to shot, but not when looking at target and lane score consistency. I was more consistent in lane and target scoring, however I am making an executive decision after reviewing the numbers and the match. Jake T. was struggling with a prior injury and and after 10 lanes he was not able to get comfortable in position and technically withdrew but marked zeros for the last 12 shots. I wanted to at least make sure Jake had his performance results for what and how he shot; the results made re-run all the calculations for everyone to only 10 lanes. Jake was not only TIED in shot to shot consistency with 3 other shooters he was the most consistent in both target and lane consistency!!! After seeing this, my gut told me to make the exception and award it to Jake. I conferred with my FT conscience and i’m sticking to my decision, Jake T was the most consistent shooter of the match and won the $20. Now that comes with ONE stipulation however. As TFT calculates the true progression of a shooters scoring performance, I will have to include Jake’s 11th and 12th lane as all zeros. GREAT SHOOTING JAKE! 


Jake and David T both shared a Tenacious tuned BRK Ghost in .22, JSB 25.39 gr and topped with an Athlon Helos scope. Billy D shot a beautiful new RAW in .22, 25.4 FX pellets and with an Athlon scope.Once he get the trigger set up I bet hes dangerous with it. I shot the .30 Prophet v1, Rangemaster 44.5’s and a Crimson Trace scope. Derrick shot a slingshot right handed. And by slingshot I mean .30 Cricket 2 Tactical, 56 gr ZAN’s and an Athlon scope. 


Of course, none of this is possible without thanking a few people, God and family first, All the TFT Members,  Maggy and Ron R.,the Boerne Shooting Club and our original sponsors, Tenacious Airguns and S&S Targets. Dare to Compare y’all! 


Next weekend is Boerne Field Target Clubs’ AAFTA style match! Gates open at 8am!


May God bless Texas and all things airgun.