Ron’s announcement for August!  Hope to see you there! 


Having recently resurrected Texas’ first field target club (I co-founded a quarter-century ago) by re-affiliating the Central Texas Airgun Club (CTAC) with AAFTA, TEXtreme Airgun Sport’s next competition weekend will be AAFTA rifle and pistol matches the first weekend of August. The sixty-shot AAFTA rifle match will be Saturday the fifth, and the sixty-shot AAFTA pistol match will be Sunday the sixth (respectively). 

The sight-in range will be open at 6 PM till sunset on Friday, and again at 8 AM Saturday and Sunday until Shooters Meetings for both matches at 10:00 AM. Each match will start 10-15 minutes after completion of the shooters meeting.

CTAC’s August field target matches will follow AAFTA rules. It is each shooter’s responsibility to know and understand the AAFTA rules; however feel free to contact me with questions, or for clarifications. Be aware most rules questions are best addressed in conversation rather than text or email, and ALL rules questions including the terms ‘why’ or ‘but’ require conversation, rather than text or email.

In setting the courses I’ll be striving for an overall rifle course difficulty factor of 30-32 Troyer, and an overall pistol course difficulty factor in the mid-thirties; both before any applicable wind multipliers. To achieve those numbers I’ll be trying to balance enough sub-30T targets to encourage all shooters, with enough 40T+ ‘separator’ targets to challenge the hot-shots.

Number of places awarding prizes in each match will be First Place if at least 4 shooters contest a class, First and Second places if at least 7 shooters contest a class, and three places if at least 10 shooters enter a class.

Entry fees are $20 for a single match, $35 for both matches.

We’ll have complimentary snacks and cold beverages both days, but no meals will be served. As usual, all attendee’s are invited to join post-match group meals at local eateries. The group meal is not complimentary.

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See Y’all Then,

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