Texas Field Target’s Eclipse Silhouette Match(es)  Saturday October 14th!!

 The Texas Field Target’s home at the Boerne Shooting Club happens to be in the swath of maximum annular viewing of the solar eclipse during the match! Since we are back to our regularly scheduled programming this Saturday October 14th we will have our first ever TFT Silhouette match DURING THE SOLAR ECLIPSE. This is where we are shooting TFT style but at 1/5th scale Chicken, Pig,Turkey and Ram paddles on our S&S Custom Targets! A simple swap of the paddle and faceplate makes it a TFT Silhouette! 

 20-100 FPE, 37-97 yds. $10 all day for TFT Members, $25 to join and shoot all day!


33 Shooting Club Rd. Boerne, TX

 Gates open at 9am Matches Start at 10am AND 7pm ( targets will be lit)

Range and targets will remain open to members until 10pm!

 The following is from 



10:23am – Partial Eclipse begins

11:52am – Annularity begins

11:54am – Maximum

11:56am Annularity ends

1:33pm Partial Eclipse ends

Solar sunglasses for viewing will be available, all shooting lanes are covered!


TFT Silhouette Rules and Equipment:

20-100 FPE, .30 cal max. Pellet only

40 shots over 4 Lanes ( 2 targets/shooters per lane, 10 shots per target) 

Lane 1: Chickens @ 37 yds

Lane 2: Turkeys @ 57 yds

Lane 3: Pigs @77 yds

Lane 4: Rams @ 97 yds

There will be two shooting positions with targets at each lane for a maximum of 8 shooters on the line at a time. Wind indicators will be at each target group.

Typical Texas Field Target position rules apply. 32x max mag, ( “bucket n’ sticks”, unattached bipod, no hog saddles, bumbag, sling, rangefinders ok)

Shooters will have 10 min on each lane for unlimited sight in and 10 shots “on-target”. Shooters will call the scorer when  they are shooting for score. Target impact during sight-in starts the shooter on score. Scorer shall reset the target for the shooter.

Per usual, two open practice lanes will be set up with a chronograph available for use. Snacks and beverages will also be available. Food may be catered in too!

 The Red Ryder Roundup is also ongoing! $2 per target, 5 shots per target. Target is at 15 ft. All shots are offhand. Don’t forget about the ol’ Daisy shake!  Enter as many times as you want. All proceeds are donated to the San Antonio Fire Department! Enter your targets for a chance to win a S&S Custom Target! Drawing in January!!